Mission Statement

Success in international markets is based on 6 +1 main principles if CROSSGLOBO® is your service partner for going international:

Your Principle 1 =

Know your Unique Selling Propositions within the International Competition !

We find them out and transform your USP´s on to international presentation standard (web-presentation, print-material for information, advertising and promotions on exhibitions etc.)
Your Principle 2 =

Know your Corporate´s Strenghts within the International Competition !

We analyse your strenghts and (hidden?) potentials carefully in order to make them promotable on international level
Your Principle 3 =

Know your Target Markets !

We work out market strategies and researches (in field and on desk) for your target markets to investigate,evaluate,qualify and quantify the market potential for your products.

We work out market your strategies and concepts for those markets which are promissing - market tailored and feasible.

Your Principle 4 =

Know your Business Partners and Customers in Target Markets !

We identify and select the right partner for you to secure your long-lasting businesses and successful cooperations.

We establish sales and distribution partnerships for you, build up relationsships with your future customers and/or joint-venture-partners.

Your Principle 5 =

Know your Budget for International Market Development !

We assist you to work on realistic budgets. We make you acquainted with all available means of subsidies on national (export promotion assistence) and international (EU subsidies) scale – if necessary

Your Principle 6 =

Know your Risks when Going International !

We implement a risk-management-system in your company to avoid problems with your export or import markets.

We train your staff in international-order-processing and use of terms in international transactions (INCOTERMS, L/C etc.)


Crossglobo-principle 1 = to assume responsibility as your service partner when going-international to make your success for certain !