Since its foundation in 1994, as service and performance centre for international business development, CROSSGLOBO® is dedicating services and performances tailored to the needs and requirements of clients from all sectors of industries which are willing to develop international markets at long term.

Thanks to strong professional experiences in all areas of exports and going international and the steady growth of CROSSGLOBO® during the last years we dispose today of a reliable partner network in many countries worldwide. Our partners know very well what is required for developing international markets, developing business there by forming trustful and sustainable business partnerships. By that we provide any kind of services for export and internationalization ranging from establishments of partnerships for sales and distribution, sales structures to endcustomers , formation of joint-ventures to sourcing and identification of suppliers in Asia and South-America in various business fields.

It is an essential part of our commitments to assume also responsibility for that what we are perfoming for our business partners and clients.

partner-networks in Europe
Rumaenien Romania
Bulgarien Bulgaria
Tschechien Czech Republic
Slowakei Slovakia
Polen Poland
Türkei Turkey
Finnland Finland
Spanien Spain
Portugal Portugal
Serbien Serbia
partner-networks in South America
Uruguay Uruguay –products, assembling, sales & distribution
 development and care of MERCOSUR markets
Argentinien Argentinia
Brasilien Brazil
partner-networks in Asia
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate UAE
Saudi Arabien Saudi Arabia
Indien India
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Indonesia Indonesia